Thursday, February 28, 2013

My experience with Fatshion, and the hospitality industry

i wish I had a job where I could dress myself, but I don't.

One of the things I really hate about my job, is the clothes.  The Hospitality industry in general is not plus size friendly.  Especially in Conservative Orlando Hospitality jobs.  (Read Disney, and Universal)

Working in hospitality can be fun and rewarding.  there are so many things that I really do love about my job.  I get to meet a ton of people, fun people, from all over the globe.  I get to enhance their day with my service and products.  I can change the way their day is going in an instant.  I work wacky hours, which can be a huge pain in the ass, but frequently leaves time during the week for me to run errands and do things that need me to be available from 9-5, like go to the bank or my doctors office, or the post office.  Really, if I can't stay home and write and pop out a few babies, Hospitality is my bag.

But then we get to the appearance factor.  Not fun, not even a little bit fun, I would rather get a root canal with no pain meds that have to put on the bland boring unflattering things I have to wear on a daily basis.

Rule 1:
No jewelry, except for a watch and one ring per hand.  I love jewelry guys!  i just started making jewelry, and its fun and flattering and can change your mood, and look, in a flash!  You can wear a lot or a little, you can wear little delicate dainty gems or giant statement pieces made with uncut stones!  its so versatile  and there is so much to choose from!  As a fat lady I am limited a little bit by clothes available for me, but I can get jewelry in abundance!

Rule 2:
Hair color, hair must be one uniform colour, and must be a natural colour.  No extreme styles are permitted.  What a freaking snore fest right?  no Asymmetrical cuts, no crazy fun colors, not even highlights.  One bland boring colour.  And I wasn't allowed to experiment with, well anything as a teenager, no crazy hair or looks.  Therefore, I desperately despise not being able to do so as an adult   I want to rock purple hair with bright teal chunky highlights so freaking bad.

Rule 3:
Nails and Makeup must be neutral in color and natural to your skin tone.  Ugh, seriously?  So french manicures and light pinks for my nails.  I get crazy sometimes and add a pearlized top coat.  I know I'm such a rebel, and then I remember that pearlized nail-polish is allowed, as long as it isn't in like, green or purple.  Fuck!  And then there's makeup, I'm white, literally, like paper, super duper pale so that means taupe eye-shadow is the best i can do and still be compliant. Blech!  I want to wear purple and green and wear cat eye liner.  but no.  I can get away with a red lip at least, thank goodness!

And then there are the clothes.  My current position requires a uniform, this sucks.  Having to wear a uniform regardless of what that uniform is, sucks.  It just does.  And then you enter the fat-zone, and it gets infinitely worse.  My uniform isn't so bad in the general realm of uniforms, black pants and a button up shirt.  Not so bad right?  WRONG.

Let me begin with the lesser offender, the shirt.  It is a short sleeved button up, which I am just not a huge fan of to begin with, but the "short" sleeves, go past my elbow.  Then there are no buttons below the waist line of said shirt, so if you raise your arms, there is immediate gappage and possible belly flesh if you decide to forgo an undershirt because it is ungodly hot and the thought of another layer makes you want to lay down and die.  Of course being a button up shirt means some fort of collar in involved, and the one on these shirts is high, like huge, I already have a short neck and this collar makes it disappear completely, not a good look on anyone.  Apparently the linebacker look is all the rage in uniform making.  did  I mention that its plaid?  Yeah, its fucking plaid.  I even like plaid, but not this plaid, this plaid is awful.  And it comes in Bizarre light but not blue, Navy and Brick Red.  Eew.

We haven't even talked about the pants yet, I said they were black, which they are, but they are still atrocious.  They are uber high wasted.  Like, Mom jeans ain't got nothin' on this madness.  And then, they have pleats, yup, you heard right, pleats.  Not, oh look at that little detail  barely there pleats  full length gives you the look of a fupa even if you're a size zero.  Yeah, put that on a 5 foot tall fat girl and tell me how flattering that is.... Exactly.  Not to mention that sizing is whack in these places!  i know what size I wear, except at work.  When getting my uniform i have to wear 3 to 4 sizes larger at work than I do in regular clothes.  Absurd.

Why are plus sized bodies not considered when a huge company like the one i work for make decisions on things like uniforms?   More than 50% of American women are overweight or obese, so what are the people making uniform decisions for American women thinking when they choose clothing that are not only unflattering cuts but fit poorly and are uncomfortable?

I spend more than 40 hours per week at work, plus travel time, plus any errands that i need to run right before or after work in this uniform.  I spend more than half of my time in these clothes.  And if you count hours that I am awake, you're looking at about 80 or 90%,  is it too  much to ask for it to at least fit?This fat girl doesn't think so.