Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wonderful Weddings II

Im on a tear folks!  The wedding bliss continues for at least 2 more posts... Hopefully by then Iwill have it all out of my system!  Today we are talking about the Halloween Wedding!  There are oh so many ways that you can have a halloween wedding!  Some are stunning!  Others are more "fall" than Halloween and then some are downright TACKY!  Lets have a look...

Bridal gowns can be spooktacular!  Like this little number in black and white,
(Found at

Or they can be down right scary! (Not in a good way folks)
Dont get me wrong the dress itself is stunning!  It's the black and orange morif that puts it over the top for me.  (There were worse ones out there but i couldnt tell if they were from real weddings or costume parties...)  I love orange and adore black, just not appropriate for your wedding gown.  At least not togheter.  There are dressed with orange or black accenting that are stunning!  I have even seen dress that are entirely orange or black that I love and would say are acceptable wedding attire.  In fact my own wedding dress, will be almost entirely black (I am having ahalloween wedding).  But ladies there are MUCH better ways to include traditional Halloween colors in your wedding. 

Like in the decor:
Which one do you like better?

I even like this one!

You could include the colors in the bridesmads and Groomsman Attire EASILY!

See the Bride has the orange accent and its cute!

Black is super classy and almost all dresses come in black so its agreat way to go if you ar ehaving your maids wear different styles of dress.

You can combine the colors with sashes or have different colored dresses on each person, there are  so many ways to make this a hit!  And if course black and orange arent the only colors you can use to envoke a Halloween Theme.  Black and Red, or purple, or green, or purple and green!  All in all there are a multitude of ways you can incorporate a Halloween theme and still have a classy and elegant wedding!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wonderful Weddings!!

So planning my first wedding wasn't quite the fun event I thought it would be.  Lots of input from in laws meant that I didn't get the wedding i wanted.  Don't get me wrong it was wonderful, but not my dream wedding.  this time, I get to do it my way... and that's a good thing!  I think.  And my best friend got engaged recently so i will get to help her as well!  AND my husband booked us to shoot our very first wedding ever!  WOOT!

Lets have a look at some fabulous weddings from around the web!

The Steam Punk Wedding!
(Photos from

Philadelphia wedding photography and videography - BG Productions
Check out the little clock tie pin! I wonder if it works?   Look at the clockwork boutineer!  So Cute!

steampunk photography
I LOVE this in oh so many ways!  the belt with the criss-crossed buckles!  The tarnished key and locket necklace with the pearls as well! the HAT!  Aieee!!!  WANT!
Are you with me here?  Yes?  then hold your breath for............ the boquet

Philadelphia wedding photography and videography - BG Productions
flowers?  We dont need no stkinking flowers!  Mewtal swirlys and clocks in varying shades of metalic are so steamy and so excellent!  Even better, it will last for ever, unlike the sad attempts are dring full boquets of real flowers, but not tacky like silk flowers can be.  there is nothing about this that i am not toallt in love with!

And the cake!  Oh, the cake...

steampunk wedding inspiration
there are no words.   The roses!  Thh gears the metallics!  And look at the little fondant pocket watch!  and then theres the little ruffly skirt on the bottom!  So awesome.

Ill keep you posted with a few days of weddings!  Yippee!  i love weddings!  (Said like the appliance direct guy.  You feel me Floridians?)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who do you have?

I was talking to someone today and it made me really appreciate my Husband all over again.  I am making some pretty big decisions coming up and they aren't easy to think about, let alone talk about, but I have the most amazing husband who I can go to and talk anything out. 

I am not alone, in any undertaking, any circumstances, anything I do.  He can make me smile and laugh when I am feeling at my worst, and help me sort through my feelings and frustrations.  He knows just what to say and always manages to make me feel at least a little bit better.  He doesn't make me watch horror movies, since me+scary=no sleep, ever.  Even though he likes them he does without so that I don't have nightmares.  Grated this might be slightly selfish of him since if I don't sleep, he doesn't sleep either.

He reminds me to exercise (I need the reminders or it doesn't get done, then I get mad/sad/etc), he helps me cook and clean and is an amazing daddy to our 4 legged sons. (I know what you're picturing something like 4 arms from Ben 10, but sadly No, I don't have crazy mutant babies, they are dogs)  He holds me when I'm cold or sad or just because, he loves me no matter my mood, or whether I've put on makeup, or gotten a bad haircut. 

He's my best friend! We have so much in common.  We love cartoons and all variety of nerdy awesomeness, like star wars, star trek, Dr Who, RPG games, MMO's and so much more!  Now that he finally got glasses and can see again he even snuggles on the couch and reads with me. 

I am truly a lucky, lucky woman.

Some of my friends have had sisters or Mothers that they were really close with and could tell anything.  My sister is more than 10 years younger than me, so sharing with her isn't as effective as sharing with someone of similar age.  And my mom and I have just never been close like that.  don't get me wrong I LOVE my mother.  But we are just VERY different people.  So instead I got lucky and married my best friend!

Who do you have in your life that makes everything okay?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Small Scale Crafts...

Can you think of any? 

I live in a very small apartment with my husband and 2, count them, 2 dogs.  That leaves VERY little space for anything DIY.  Sad, I know.  While there are a ton of things I would like to try my space limits what I am able to accomodate.  This should be aleviated in the next year or so when I buiy a house with an entire room, or converted garage, that I can dedicate solely to crafting to my hearts content.  Untill then I need some easy-to-clean-up-so-I-can-use-my-kitchen-table crafts to tide me over. 

I have found a few that I want to try, like the DIT no sew vest from a T-Shirt, (See h ere for diections  But I think its a bit plaiun, what are some easy ways to jazz it up?

Has anyone tried sharpie TyeDye?  I found it on Trust Pintrest but without any directions so I had to go look it up on my own and it seems easy enough, and like something I could cleanup in a pinch, any advice?

I also want to try the #6 plastic Shrink jewlery (as seen on but I havent ever made jewlrey before, unless hanging a glass charm on a silk rope counts.  It seems easy enough but those o-rings a tiny!

Any advice on smal scle fun crafts that I can manage on my kitchen table, and have cleaned up in time for dinner?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crazy Croissants!!

So I have just recently discovered that there are many ways to use those premade croissants in a tube. Over the last 2 weeks I have used them at least 5 different ways!  I made:
ham and cheese rolls,
pigs in a blanket,
and my all time favorite chicken puffs
(I'll add the recipe below)

I'm sure there are even more ways to use them!  Do any of you have ideas?

This whole post came about because I am trying ever so hard to eat at home.  I can make the fattiest highest calorie food at home and it's still better for me than McDonald's.  Plus it just tastes better!  This is a tall order when your husband (Or wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever really) works until 10pm or later.  So I needed meals that could come together fast!  Not to mention that he doesn't eat at all while he's at work.  So once he gets home he is STARVING.  So fast is paramount.  

I have learned to time my cooking pretty well, and I can not cook a steak dinner in about 30 minutes.  But there are days when 30 minutes is just too long.  Enter Croissants.  
They can be used in SO many ways and cook in about 10 minutes!  Prep while the oven preheats, and then toss then in for 10 minutes.  In a time crunch a salad is a great side and you can get one together while it cooks.  Viola!  dinner in 13 minutes!  And you can really stuff them with just about anything, so its a great way to re-purpose leftovers! 

Chicken Puffs Recipe
Left over chicken or rotisserie chicken from the grocery store Cubed or shredded
2 packages of low fat cream cheese (room temperature)
dash of milk
onion powder
garlic powder
2 tubes of regular croissant's (The extra large ones take longer cook)

Heat chicken
In a medium bowl mix cream cheese, onion powder and garlic powder to taste.
Roll Croissants out flat and divide into rectangles (2 croissants per puff)
Mix chicken into cream cheese
Scoop into croissant rectangles and form into "puffs"
Bake for 10 minutes at 375

Sooooo good!

As a matter of fact, I'm going to go make some now....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let the Wild rumpus Begin!

This is my first attempt at blogging.  I read a few blogs regularly, and find myself really enjoying them and being rather inspired by the authors.  My Two favorites are written by a blogger right her in Orlando!  Jen writes 2 amazing blogs!  I think we are secretly soul-mates and are destined to be the very best of  friends one day, but we'll a see!  Although I am not sure the world could handle a duo of sarcastic geeky squealing girls together, at the SAME TIME.  i bet we could take over the world!

(Jen, if you happen upon this call me!)

Anyway Jen is the author of a hysterical site about the good the bad and the Ugly of the cake decorating world.  Full tilt with snarky commentary, and jokes that have literally make me cry and stopped me from breathing because I am laughing so hard.

Cake Wrecks

She is also the author of where she covers, well, everything that is awesome, and geeky, and makes the world a better place.  There are DIY, and Steamy Saturday, a steam punk tailored post.  Sweet, interesting and funny stores about herself, her life and her husband Jon.  

I don't have a single solid direction to take this and plan on letting the journey direct me where it may.  

Very philosophical, I know.  I'm kinda awesome like that.  

I am in the process of having my first book edited, and while I wait I figure this is a great way to keep my writing skills sharp, right?

Who knows.  

Some of the topics I plan to cover are Crafting, and other DIY projects.  Creative writing and writing prompts.  Inspiration for art, work success and life in general.  

One thing i do NOT want this to be is a whining and complaining session.  Fun stuff only!  With that being said my blogs *should* get more interesting form here!  I'm still figuring this stuff out man!

I also think that everyone needs to go to  I just found this site and  i am truly in love.  As mush as one can love a website that is dedicated to T-Shirts.  Nerdy amazing T-Shirts that combine any variety of Sci-Fiantisy (Yes, I made that word up.) Some of my Favorites combine Dr Who and Star Wars.  Or Star wars and Adventure Time.  OR Star Wars and Star Trek. 
(Not in an "I cant believe you got them confused" way.  In an "OMG That's Epic!" kind of way)

(FYI, they are different)

Like This

Han Sulu         Doctor Chew 

This is a personal favorite
It’s Not Easy Being Geek

I also ordered 3 shirts for my husband, okay fine, quasi-husband, as we aren't actually married yet, and I cannot wait for them to come in!  I will try to take and post pictures of them when they get here!  He doesn't know about them yet!  EEEK!  

Sorry, the excitement overcame me just then.

Oh yeah, i just want everyone to know that anything I say on here is just my opinion and I don't get anything from telling people how awesome Jens blogs are or shirtoid.  I just want to share!

Stay nerdy and inspired my friends!