Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who do you have?

I was talking to someone today and it made me really appreciate my Husband all over again.  I am making some pretty big decisions coming up and they aren't easy to think about, let alone talk about, but I have the most amazing husband who I can go to and talk anything out. 

I am not alone, in any undertaking, any circumstances, anything I do.  He can make me smile and laugh when I am feeling at my worst, and help me sort through my feelings and frustrations.  He knows just what to say and always manages to make me feel at least a little bit better.  He doesn't make me watch horror movies, since me+scary=no sleep, ever.  Even though he likes them he does without so that I don't have nightmares.  Grated this might be slightly selfish of him since if I don't sleep, he doesn't sleep either.

He reminds me to exercise (I need the reminders or it doesn't get done, then I get mad/sad/etc), he helps me cook and clean and is an amazing daddy to our 4 legged sons. (I know what you're picturing something like 4 arms from Ben 10, but sadly No, I don't have crazy mutant babies, they are dogs)  He holds me when I'm cold or sad or just because, he loves me no matter my mood, or whether I've put on makeup, or gotten a bad haircut. 

He's my best friend! We have so much in common.  We love cartoons and all variety of nerdy awesomeness, like star wars, star trek, Dr Who, RPG games, MMO's and so much more!  Now that he finally got glasses and can see again he even snuggles on the couch and reads with me. 

I am truly a lucky, lucky woman.

Some of my friends have had sisters or Mothers that they were really close with and could tell anything.  My sister is more than 10 years younger than me, so sharing with her isn't as effective as sharing with someone of similar age.  And my mom and I have just never been close like that.  don't get me wrong I LOVE my mother.  But we are just VERY different people.  So instead I got lucky and married my best friend!

Who do you have in your life that makes everything okay?

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