Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lot's O talking going on in my house, mostly at night

So, J has been talking in his sleep lately.  Like a lot.  Like every. Single. Night.  Y'all he talks some crazy bullshit in his sleep.

For Example, there was some inane fairy tale craziness going on in his head recently, it went as follows:

J was laying on the blankets in the middle of the bed, i was cold and wanted to get under the blankets, which was impossible without asking him to move.

Me:  "Babe, roll over so I can get under the blankets."

J: *yells* "What time is it?!?" while rolling over

Me: "1:30"

J: *yells*  "It's 2:30?"

Me: "No it's 1:30"

J: "Wake me up at 2:30, I need mumble mumble mumble..."

Me: "What was that?"

J: "Wake me up at 2:30 so I (slowly waking up) can get my mirror?  So I know when I turn into a pumpkin?"

Me: *Laughing hysterically*

J: "What the F*** am I taking about?"

Me: " I have no idea, what were you dreaming about?"

J:  "apparently mirrors and pumpkins!"

At this point I continue to laugh so hard that I am literally crying.  J is crazy mad about this mirror/pumpkin exchange for some reason and gets up out of bed to stomp around and Wonder, loudly what on earth he was thinking about.  Once he calms down and lays back down, I cant resist but poke more fun at him about it.  (I'm a terrible person, I know)

Me:  "So... you still want that mirror at 2:30?"

J:  "Just prop it up on the night stand so you don't have to get up."

More laughter ensues.

The next afternoon via text message at 2:30pm

Me: Hey, it's 2:30 do you have your mirror?

J: It's only st 2:30 am.

Me: Well did you have it?

J:  I told you to get it for me.

Me: Uh-oh, are you a pumpkin?

J: Probably

Me: Awesome, I'm making muffins when I get home.

(for those of you who don';t know, I frequently call J my Pumpkin-muffin)

I haven't let him live this down yet, it may take a year or two... (I already told you , I know I'm a terrible person)

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