Monday, November 26, 2012

Success and Failure, all in one! Succailure?

this November I have participated in my very first Nanowrimo Challenge.  I posted about it not that long ago. If you want to know more you can visit the website here.  this was the first time I heard about Nanowrimo, I read about it in an article posted by another participant at XOJANE.  ( I  loooove that site!  Check it out ladies!  And Gents too, but it is a "woman's" website.) 

The Nanowrimo Challenge is to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  there are places to go and meet with other writers, and a ways to track your progress and all kinds of other tools.  I have seen both praise and complaint about the program.  One that stuck with me was one of the Negative comments "Nanowrimo: Anyone can be a writer if you set the bar low enough."  I was shamed for being excited about Nanowrimo. 

As a writer with a day job, and a husband and two very demanding hound dogs to care for I find it hard to make time to write.  Even for this blog, which is mostly lighthearted and fun.  Mostly.  If you follow my other Blog, you'll see that I cant even make time to take and post a picture every day.  How was I going to write 1,667 words a day for the next 30 days? 

(Huh, I never did the math before.  1,600 words a day should have been easy!)

It is day 26 and I am not anywhere near my 50,000 words.  To meet my goal I will have to write approximately 9,000 words a day for the next five days.  Will I try?  Yes.  Will I succeed?  Time will tell, but I suspect not.  Yet, I do not see this as a failure.  I have written a novel, I am currently having it edited, before sending it to publishers.  (Scary!)  But since sending it off in March, I have written practically zero. So Nanowrimo, at least got me writing, it got the juices flowing and I wrote more in the last four weeks than I have in the past year.  (Excluding my blog here of course).

To me this in itself is a success.  Any tool that gets a writer writing or keeps them writing is a good one.  For me at least, that is the essence of Nanowrimo.  Not to become a writer, not to try something new, but to continue to be a writer.  To give myself goals and attempt to stick to them.  It's a chance to track my progress in a tangible way.  In a way that I have never really been able to before.  I am also more productive when I can track my progress in a public venue.  When others can see my progress too, Nanowrimo provides that for me.  Even though I have only written about 5,600 words in 26 days I still call this a success. 

I have started writing again, and I have given life to a new project, that will hopefully get finished and sent off to the editor like the last one.  In fact, it has sparked enough creativity to get a second story going, Part of my issue was that I could never decide which story to work on!  i can only track one at a time, so I chose one and now I am rolling on it!  I cant wait for next year!  Maybe there will be more success, or maybe not.  Either way I call it a win, and I will not be shamed for it.

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