Friday, July 27, 2012

What's your stance on Gun Ownership?

So, recent vents have prompted lots of gun related posts etc on my face book feed.  Aaaand I happened to read another blog the other day at XOJane that talked about being a girl gun owner.  And I have thought a lot about my stance on owning a Gun.  Even I am surprised by my answer. 

I am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment y'all. 

As someone with fairly left wing views, I support same-sex marriage, I am pro-choice even though it would never be my choice (Assuming carelessness not traumatic attacks), I try to be green and eat organic when I can.  I *do* have a few more conservative views.  One of them being Gun ownership.  I think that "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"  I know it's crazy NRA rhetoric but it's true. 

A properly cared for empty gun isn't going to hurt anyone.  Unless it's used as a blunt force abject, and guess what folks, that takes a person.  It takes a person to put bullets in a gun and make it a weapon.  It takes a person to point that gun and pull the trigger. 

"What about accidental discharges?" you say?  Well, typically that's a careless gun owner not properly caring for their weapon, or not paying attention to how tightly they have the trigger, or where they are pointing it.  all of those mistakes happen because of people.  You left your gun loaded and unlocked and your kid got it and hurt someone?  Guess whose fault that is?  I'll give you a hint, it's not the guns fault, its careless gun ownership coupled with bad parenting. 

Whats that?  Bad parenting?  That's right folks, especially with all the violence in the media, and I don't even mean movies here, that's usually pretty over the top junk, I'm talking about on the news , stuff that happens in our own backyard, it's more important than ever to ensure that if you have a gun in your home, you prepare your children for it. 

This does not mean teaching them that Guns are bad.  Guns are a tool that if used properly can do lots of wonderful things.  They offer protection, they can help you feed your family, they can provide stress relief, (At the shooting range, or just by cleaning it thoroughly).  We need to teach our children to respect guns and the power they can give a person.  We need to teach them Gun safety, and we need to keep our guns out of their reach. 

I'm not saying "don't teach your kid to shoot".  I was taught to shoot starting at 6 or 7, but I had a healthy respect for guns, and what they could do. What you don't want is for your child to get at a gun unsupervised.  That could spell disaster, especially if you store your gun loaded, (a huge no-no), or keep your ammo and guns in the same exact place.  Let's face it, your kid has probably seen you load your gun, especially if your teaching them to shoot, if they can get the ammo they might be able to load the gun.

After all, is the meat cleaver in my kitchen any less deadly than a gun?  I say not, and we aren't teaching kids to fear knives, all of them, all the time.  We teach them to respect them, and use them properly, and never against another person.  Isn't that the same thing? 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

15 Things

Stolen from Wobisobi, a great DIY fanshionista etc blog I follow:-)

This game requires some participation from others!  Just share 15 things about yourself!  Tag 5 others!  i know its kind of silly, but it seems bloggers like to share, that's part of why we do it!

1- I have recently become obsessed with polishing my nails, like every day, new colors and techniques, most of which i have found on blogs... So I blame you.  But looking at my hands makes me super happy now so it's cool.

2- I have 2 crazy awesome, as well as just plain crazy rescued hound dogs.  A 6 year old Hound Mix/Mutt named Boomer and a 1 and a half year old purebred* Foxhound named Hunter.
*Disclaimer, as he is a found and rescued dog we cannot prove he is purebred but my and my vets assessment is that he is.

3- When I refer to my Husband, it's my current boyfriend/fiance.  We are not legally married, but we are married in all the ways that truly matter.  We are one another heart and soul and best friends, or worst enemy when we are fighting over the last chocolate covered strawberry, (I always win, he loves me that much!)

4- I grew up in Maine and New Hampshire and lived on a "farm" for a while as a kid.  We had pigs and ducks and a giant garden with no cable and I played in the woods on a daily basis.

5- I love RPG games, I have subscriptions to both WoW and SWTOR.

6- I am an avid reader of nearly all genres, with the exception of Romance, I'm totally okay with a book that includes romance, but if the purpose of the book is the romance, I just cant make myself do it.  I did however read and enjoy the Twilight Saga, there was enough crazy vampire drama to make me okay with the whole mostly romance thing.

7- I have always been crafty.  But I used to be crafty for the sake of being crafty.  Now I'm a crafter with purpose!  I make things I actually use, wear, display.  And I love it!  When you wear some thing and someone asks where you got it and you can say, "I made it" there's a sense of pride and ownership that is so awesome!

8- I knit!  Kind of, I only know knit stitch so I'm pretty limited in what I can make!  I need to take a class, but its too freaking hot in Florida to knit most of the year :-(

9- I am a proud and self-proclaimed Nerd/Geek/Dork.  I love Star Trek and Star Wars and Dr Who and oh-so-many-more.

10-I suffer from arachnophobia.  My husband has to ensure a clear path before I will get into my car if it's dark, especially, if we parked under a tree.  Too many legs... *shudder*

11- When The Hubs and I do make thing all legal like, we are having a Halloween-steampunk-masquerade-ball wedding.  How AWESOME is that! (Did I mention Geek?)

12- I am a classically trained vocalist, and would Love to be in voices of liberty and Disney world!

13- I am a brand new blogger with less than 20 posts!

14- I recently decided it was time to get healthy, not thin necessarily, but I want to be in better health for my husband and (fictional) children so I can enjoy them for a long long time.

15- I am proud, of who I am, even if I don't always fit into the molds or categories people try to define me by. 

I'm Tagging:
Jen from Epbot and Cakewrecks
Julie at Princesspiggies
Lindsay at Cakewrecks

And I only follow those 3 blogs right now, well that and the one I stole itfrom, but she already did it... so I guess that's it!  I have no idea if any of them read mine either So I really don't expect a a response LOL :-)

Winter Wonderland Wedding: The Dresses

Clearly, I am seriously into Weddings right now.  Planning a Wedding is SO much fun for me!  And my best Friend just got engaged!  And they are having a Winter Wonderland Wedding, in Maine in January or February of 2014, and I get to help plan it! *Huge, cheshire cat style Grin*  you see where this is going don't you?  No??  Have you been paying attention?  This is a Wedding Post, yes, another one.  What. don't you like Weddings?  You get to dress fancy and eat cake, whats not to love?

Anyway, she is petite, like 5 foot 2 or something and is super duper stressed about her Wedding Dress.  Making things a bit harder is the fact that she lives in Maine, and I live in Sunny/Rainy/Humid but rarely cold Florida.  I managed to do a bit of research and found 3 kinds of dresses that work for her body type, somewhere between a rectangle and a pear.  But there are so many options out there!  And another friend of mine with a similar body shape wore a dress that wasn't even on the list anywhere I looked for any body type and looked AMAAAAAZING! *singing*  She wore a dropped waist dress, and looked so unbelievably awesome I can't even really express the degree of awesomeness appropriately.

Getting back to my BFF, according to my research she would look good in, sheath, a-line (cause everyone does) and ball gown, as long as it's not toooo poofy, being short you can get lost in there!  I sent her these 3 photo collages for reference.  But I also encouraged her to just try everything on.  I mean why not, right?You might be surprised at what you like!

When I think Winter Wonderland, I'm thinking lush and opulent and well, wonderful.  So personally I'm a fan of the ball gown. 

She will be wearing traditional white, and the bridesmaids and maid of honor (ME) will be in ice blue. 

there are so many different options for Bridesmaids now!  Separates, solids, prints, different dresses, different colors, hombre style colors.  The list is huge!  And all of her bridesmaids are shaped very differently, this poses an issue, what can we choose that will flatter a rectangle, and overweight apple and a long hourglass... I don't know what the answer is, but I *do* know that i sent her this photo collage with a bunch of different styles to look at as a jumping off point.

I'm a huge fan of the top right and the bottom left is a close second, although, being a busty girl, strapless is usually not-so-good on me. 
What do you recommend for a short rectangular pear-ish shape (Bride), and totally different body types (Bridesmaids)? 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Small Crafts II

So If you recall I wanted to do some crafts that didn't take up too much space, and it went okay... Kind of.  The "Test Vest" came out pretty well, I learned a few things and hopefully when I make one from a new T-Shirt (instead of one of my husbands old undershirts) it will be perfect! Here is the look I was going for:

And you can see the tutorial here.  Or go to lots of great DIY on her site!

This DIY was SO easy (even for me! and I haven't been a DIY'er for long!) and I loooove the look of Draped Vests!  When I get a new shirt and make the final product I will *try* to post a finished product picture!

I also wanted to try sharpie Tye Dye.  This one was... okay.  I couldn't seem to get a traditional-ish looking Tye Dye effect, but I *did* like the look I was getting... I ran into trouble when I was waiting for it to dry.  I don't have a washer and dryer in my teensy apartment.  So I had to let it air dry, not a good idea.  The alcohol kept spreading and now it is MUCH less like Tye Dye then it was when I started...*sad face* But I will try again!  At my Grandparents, where I will have a clothes dryer on hand!  Try it yourself!  This is another easy one!  and there a about a million tutorials out there for it!

I also wanted some fun new easy nail art ideas.  it's a fun fast easy way to be creative!  And since it's DIY I can have a new look daily if I want, aaaaaand avoid costly nail salon costs.  i do miss the awesome back rubs, but I didn't go often anyway.  I have good nails so I don't do acrylic, and a regular manicure from a salon last just as long as it does if I do it myself so why spend the extra cash right?  Now I can spend it on my crafts!  *Maniacal Laugh*

There were 2 different ways to Tye Dye your nails, I tried both to varying degrees of success.  I only do one nail, for me personally I think all of them with a crazy Tye Dye effect is too much.  Here are the you tube videos I used!

this was my first one because method #2 seemed much harder, turns out they are both pretty easy!

I did mine from the corner,  It was just easier for me!  I want to try hombre nails next!  Like these!

All together now!  Ooooooh, Aaaaaaah! I also want to try paper crafts!  YAY!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Halloween/Victorian Masquerade/Steam Punk Wedding

So my Wedding theme has taken on a Life of its own!  AHH!  We *knew* we wanted to get married on Halloween.  The Fiancé and I are Halloween fanatics.  Not bloody, scary Halloween, at least not for me, I’m a gigantic scaredy cat.  But what other holiday lets you dress up and pretend to be someone else?  Something else, and THEN they give you CANDY!  This girl is in heaven!  
And we are a pretty non-traditional kind of couple.  From the bizarre way we met to the awesome nerdy things we do. 
So, first we looked at *classy* Halloween Weddings, you know jack-o-lanterns and caramel apples, burnt orange and generally autumn colors, Like this:
 But that just wasn’t quite “us” enough. 

So it evolved into a masquerade ball.  But again, we were looking for *classy* so we had to be specific lest people showed up dripping blood and looking generally kind of gross, not the look we wanted for our wedding.  Since we Loooooooove Phantom of the Opera, and thought that Julio would look pretty awesome in an opera cape and a half mask, we went with Victorian Masquerade Ball.  Hopefully, people would get the gist and wear awesome ball gowns and suits with crazy awesome masks like this:

We were getting much, much closer to what we wanted.  But we* still weren't quite there.  
*Note: I use the term we loosely here, Julio was totally on board with that theme, but I wasn't quite there yet.
Now, you may not have noticed, but I have readily and freely admitted that we are nerds.  Nerds, Geeks, Dorks, whichever word you use it basically amounts to the same thing, at least in my vocabulary.  We watch Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and a multitude of shows on National Geographic and Animal Planet and history and Science…and Cartoons, LOTS of Cartoons; Need I go on? 
One of my favorite things we watched, like EVER, was this documentary on cuttlefish.  SO aweeesooome!  *said in a sing song voice*

Have you ever seen a cuttlefish?  No?  Please take some time to view this documentary.  I want a cuttlefish so freaking bad.

(Use the link to see the entire video) 

But I digress, where was I?  Oh yeah!  My wedding!  So anyway, Victorian Masquerade Ball wasn’t quite Geeky enough for me.  And what on earth is more Geek Chic than Steampunk!!  I get to still wear awesome ball gowns, and opera capes, but I get to wear them with boots and goggles and laser guns!  I mean really, just HOW cool is that!?!

Pretty Darn cool, if you ask me. 
I did a post on Steampunk wedding recently, and I think that was the turning point for me.  I need to make my laser guns for me and the Fiancé and party; I’ll be using the Epbot tutorial. (Thanx Jen!)
I will wear some sort of Awesome ivory gown, not white and not the I-can-barely-tell-it’s-not-just-plain-‘ol-white ivory either, true, clearly-not-white ivory.  With layers and ruffles and all kinds of Victorian bustling and the piece-de-resistance An AMAZING, and I mean AMAZING Steampunk inspired under-bust corset!  Probably something like this one:
Ivory Off The Shoulder V Neck Beading Applique Floor Length Satin Wedding Dress

This Website has a TON of great corsets and an entire section of steampunk ones!  Love them!  I plan on putting an awesome steampunk under-bust corset on OVER my wedding dress!  Like this one:

There’s so much to do!  I need to figure out how to make steamy invitations and décor and the list goes on and on!  And I couldn’t be more excited!
Feel free to give me ideas in the comments! Or email or whatever works for you!
My Wedding isn’t the only one I’m planning either!  My Best friend got engaged recently and I am helping her!  She is having a Winter Wonderland wedding! YAY!  I should have been an event planner.  I will keep you posted!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Guess what!?

We shot our very, very first wedding on Thursday!  YAY!  It was a small wedding, courthouse style, so I really only have shots of the Bride and Groom.  I just finished editing them, I think for my very first time it wasn't too bad!

Of course I did it for free, and as a portion of my gift to the bride and groom.  And now some of the finished product!!

This was hanging on the wall in the courthouse when we first walked in.

That's my sampling... there are well over 100 photos so I didn't want to overwhelm!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast!"

So I havefinally seen the "new" Alice in Wonderland.  I know I am a bit behind the times.  But I found it delightful!  I had no idea it was Alice returning to wonderland years later!  It made for a great story!  I was pretty excited about everything in the movie, from the cast right on down to the details!  And lets not get me started on the fashion... What's that?  You want me to rant on and on about the wonderful things Alice and cast wore int he move... Okay, you asked for it!

Dress #1:  The Traditional

This is a nice grownup twist on the blue Alice dress we all know about from the classic Disney animation and every other version of Alice in Wonderland since then.  I enjoy the corseted top and the black filigree detailing on the bottom.  Not to mention the adorable high button boots!  its hard to see here but she is also wearing "gloves" That are actually black and blue striped cuffs with just thumb holes!  Aiee!
*Note: This excludes American McGee's Alice of course.

Dress #2: The Underdress

I wondered just how they were going to handle it when I saw that poor Alice's clothes weren't shrinking with her after drinking the Pishsalver.  they managed nicely with her smaller shorter undergarment turning into a messy chic bustled gown.  (I couldn't find a picture that does this dress justice, watch the movie to see it in all its amazingness!)

Dress #3: Tiny Alice

There really are no good pictures of this dress to be found on the Internet.  I think that one on the right is actually a reproduction.  This is the dress that the mad hatter makes from a bit of the "underdress".  Because he has shrunk her again and now her closes really  don't fit!  It takes him all of about 5 seconds!  Color me impressed Hatter!

Dress #4: Curtains
Tee Hee!  I'm so clever!  I chose a picture that doesn't show her head!  HA!  I thought it was appropriate since The Red Queen has this dress made and always wants to behead people.  Off with her head!  Alice finds herself giant-sized again in the queens garden and, of course, she finds herself without clothes again!  The queen tell them "I don't care if you have to sue the curtains, clothe this enormous girl!" or something there abouts. I think this might be my favorite of all the Alice dresses, sigh, love.

Dress #5: The Suit


The 5th Alice "Dress" isn't really a dress at all its a shirt pants jacket combo that is to die for!  Its a very pale blue, almost white.  The white queen gives it to her after returning her to her "normal" size.  this poor girl keeps ending up without her clothes!  But it's a great way to work in a costume change right! You can see the long jacket in the photo on the Right and a better quality photo of the outfit on the left, although it only shows the bodice.  Its very simple and seems "Japanese" in inspiration when I saw it on screen.

Dress #6: The Armor

That's right! Dear Alice is a heroine!  She wears full on knights armor and defeats the Jaberwoki!  Woot!  I love how even her pants outfits still have "skirts", like the chain mail one you see here. :-)

Dress #7:  The Traveler

Alice has the wonderful business sense of her dearly departed father and upon her return "home" she sets up with her fathers business partner and heads off to China!  Looking simply smashing as usual.

Being the main character Alice certainly gets the best costumes, but lets face it all of them were stunning! 

The Red Queen

Not only is her dress amazing, but I love the totally overstated make-up not to mention the superb job that the editors did giving her an enormous head!  I mean it was truly seamless, it really looked like she had a gigantic noggin.  Kudos editor, kudos.

The White Queen

The snow flakes, the sheer sparkly arms.  LOVE!  And I like that they kept the rest of her accessories minimal and bold since there is really so much already going on with the dress.  Darkening her eyebrows and having her wear very  dark lipstick was unexpected and I really enjoyed it.

 The Mad Hatter

I cant find a picture of the whole ensemble, but needless to day its amazing, just like everything else.  I love the tattered-steampunk-fairytale look they got from his outfit.  And the hat is simply grand! I also love the use of color and contrast in his makeup!

The costumes weren't the only things that were amazing!  there were fantastic props and CG work as well! 

We will have to keep that for another day my loves!  Remember "We're all mad here!"

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wacky Weddings!

There are fun wedings and then there are weddingsd that are so themed that they are just kinda weird...  I personally am a fan of weirdm but there is a line I think.   Lets look at some super themed Weddings!

The Shrek Wedding

What says I love you more than being painted green....

The Vampire Wedding
Covered in Blood and Guts?  Thats okay!  We can work with that!

Star Wars Wedding
Okay So I TOTALLY get wanting a star wars wedding, Ijust dont get this Star Wars Wedding.  I mean I can see, Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, or Han and Leia Or Aniken and Padme... But this?  Imean who are these people?

Super Hero Wedding
Wait... Yoda?  Is yoda a Super hero?

Hello Kitty Wedding

Yeah... There re no words....

Klingon Wedding
I cant imagine that I would want to look like I had a peach pit for ahead ever.... never mind on my wedding.  The most important say of my life... I  mean I can totally get behind a Trek Wedding, Really I can.  I know how geeky that makes me but I am totally at peace with my geekyness... but the girl in me just wont let me look that.... peachy... on my wedding day.  Iwant o be beautiful and elegant and glamorous...not bumpy and stern...Maybe its just me...

Do you have any other Over-The-Top Themed Weddings?  I know there are more!  Icant find any Super Mario themed weddings but I know they're out there!  Do you have any crazy themed wedding to share?  How about an ELEGANT super themed wedding?