Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wacky Weddings!

There are fun wedings and then there are weddingsd that are so themed that they are just kinda weird...  I personally am a fan of weirdm but there is a line I think.   Lets look at some super themed Weddings!

The Shrek Wedding

What says I love you more than being painted green....

The Vampire Wedding
Covered in Blood and Guts?  Thats okay!  We can work with that!

Star Wars Wedding
Okay So I TOTALLY get wanting a star wars wedding, Ijust dont get this Star Wars Wedding.  I mean I can see, Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, or Han and Leia Or Aniken and Padme... But this?  Imean who are these people?

Super Hero Wedding
Wait... Yoda?  Is yoda a Super hero?

Hello Kitty Wedding

Yeah... There re no words....

Klingon Wedding
I cant imagine that I would want to look like I had a peach pit for ahead ever.... never mind on my wedding.  The most important say of my life... I  mean I can totally get behind a Trek Wedding, Really I can.  I know how geeky that makes me but I am totally at peace with my geekyness... but the girl in me just wont let me look that.... peachy... on my wedding day.  Iwant o be beautiful and elegant and glamorous...not bumpy and stern...Maybe its just me...

Do you have any other Over-The-Top Themed Weddings?  I know there are more!  Icant find any Super Mario themed weddings but I know they're out there!  Do you have any crazy themed wedding to share?  How about an ELEGANT super themed wedding? 

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