Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast!"

So I havefinally seen the "new" Alice in Wonderland.  I know I am a bit behind the times.  But I found it delightful!  I had no idea it was Alice returning to wonderland years later!  It made for a great story!  I was pretty excited about everything in the movie, from the cast right on down to the details!  And lets not get me started on the fashion... What's that?  You want me to rant on and on about the wonderful things Alice and cast wore int he move... Okay, you asked for it!

Dress #1:  The Traditional

This is a nice grownup twist on the blue Alice dress we all know about from the classic Disney animation and every other version of Alice in Wonderland since then.  I enjoy the corseted top and the black filigree detailing on the bottom.  Not to mention the adorable high button boots!  its hard to see here but she is also wearing "gloves" That are actually black and blue striped cuffs with just thumb holes!  Aiee!
*Note: This excludes American McGee's Alice of course.

Dress #2: The Underdress

I wondered just how they were going to handle it when I saw that poor Alice's clothes weren't shrinking with her after drinking the Pishsalver.  they managed nicely with her smaller shorter undergarment turning into a messy chic bustled gown.  (I couldn't find a picture that does this dress justice, watch the movie to see it in all its amazingness!)

Dress #3: Tiny Alice

There really are no good pictures of this dress to be found on the Internet.  I think that one on the right is actually a reproduction.  This is the dress that the mad hatter makes from a bit of the "underdress".  Because he has shrunk her again and now her closes really  don't fit!  It takes him all of about 5 seconds!  Color me impressed Hatter!

Dress #4: Curtains
Tee Hee!  I'm so clever!  I chose a picture that doesn't show her head!  HA!  I thought it was appropriate since The Red Queen has this dress made and always wants to behead people.  Off with her head!  Alice finds herself giant-sized again in the queens garden and, of course, she finds herself without clothes again!  The queen tell them "I don't care if you have to sue the curtains, clothe this enormous girl!" or something there abouts. I think this might be my favorite of all the Alice dresses, sigh, love.

Dress #5: The Suit


The 5th Alice "Dress" isn't really a dress at all its a shirt pants jacket combo that is to die for!  Its a very pale blue, almost white.  The white queen gives it to her after returning her to her "normal" size.  this poor girl keeps ending up without her clothes!  But it's a great way to work in a costume change right! You can see the long jacket in the photo on the Right and a better quality photo of the outfit on the left, although it only shows the bodice.  Its very simple and seems "Japanese" in inspiration when I saw it on screen.

Dress #6: The Armor

That's right! Dear Alice is a heroine!  She wears full on knights armor and defeats the Jaberwoki!  Woot!  I love how even her pants outfits still have "skirts", like the chain mail one you see here. :-)

Dress #7:  The Traveler

Alice has the wonderful business sense of her dearly departed father and upon her return "home" she sets up with her fathers business partner and heads off to China!  Looking simply smashing as usual.

Being the main character Alice certainly gets the best costumes, but lets face it all of them were stunning! 

The Red Queen

Not only is her dress amazing, but I love the totally overstated make-up not to mention the superb job that the editors did giving her an enormous head!  I mean it was truly seamless, it really looked like she had a gigantic noggin.  Kudos editor, kudos.

The White Queen

The snow flakes, the sheer sparkly arms.  LOVE!  And I like that they kept the rest of her accessories minimal and bold since there is really so much already going on with the dress.  Darkening her eyebrows and having her wear very  dark lipstick was unexpected and I really enjoyed it.

 The Mad Hatter

I cant find a picture of the whole ensemble, but needless to day its amazing, just like everything else.  I love the tattered-steampunk-fairytale look they got from his outfit.  And the hat is simply grand! I also love the use of color and contrast in his makeup!

The costumes weren't the only things that were amazing!  there were fantastic props and CG work as well! 

We will have to keep that for another day my loves!  Remember "We're all mad here!"

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