Thursday, July 26, 2012

15 Things

Stolen from Wobisobi, a great DIY fanshionista etc blog I follow:-)

This game requires some participation from others!  Just share 15 things about yourself!  Tag 5 others!  i know its kind of silly, but it seems bloggers like to share, that's part of why we do it!

1- I have recently become obsessed with polishing my nails, like every day, new colors and techniques, most of which i have found on blogs... So I blame you.  But looking at my hands makes me super happy now so it's cool.

2- I have 2 crazy awesome, as well as just plain crazy rescued hound dogs.  A 6 year old Hound Mix/Mutt named Boomer and a 1 and a half year old purebred* Foxhound named Hunter.
*Disclaimer, as he is a found and rescued dog we cannot prove he is purebred but my and my vets assessment is that he is.

3- When I refer to my Husband, it's my current boyfriend/fiance.  We are not legally married, but we are married in all the ways that truly matter.  We are one another heart and soul and best friends, or worst enemy when we are fighting over the last chocolate covered strawberry, (I always win, he loves me that much!)

4- I grew up in Maine and New Hampshire and lived on a "farm" for a while as a kid.  We had pigs and ducks and a giant garden with no cable and I played in the woods on a daily basis.

5- I love RPG games, I have subscriptions to both WoW and SWTOR.

6- I am an avid reader of nearly all genres, with the exception of Romance, I'm totally okay with a book that includes romance, but if the purpose of the book is the romance, I just cant make myself do it.  I did however read and enjoy the Twilight Saga, there was enough crazy vampire drama to make me okay with the whole mostly romance thing.

7- I have always been crafty.  But I used to be crafty for the sake of being crafty.  Now I'm a crafter with purpose!  I make things I actually use, wear, display.  And I love it!  When you wear some thing and someone asks where you got it and you can say, "I made it" there's a sense of pride and ownership that is so awesome!

8- I knit!  Kind of, I only know knit stitch so I'm pretty limited in what I can make!  I need to take a class, but its too freaking hot in Florida to knit most of the year :-(

9- I am a proud and self-proclaimed Nerd/Geek/Dork.  I love Star Trek and Star Wars and Dr Who and oh-so-many-more.

10-I suffer from arachnophobia.  My husband has to ensure a clear path before I will get into my car if it's dark, especially, if we parked under a tree.  Too many legs... *shudder*

11- When The Hubs and I do make thing all legal like, we are having a Halloween-steampunk-masquerade-ball wedding.  How AWESOME is that! (Did I mention Geek?)

12- I am a classically trained vocalist, and would Love to be in voices of liberty and Disney world!

13- I am a brand new blogger with less than 20 posts!

14- I recently decided it was time to get healthy, not thin necessarily, but I want to be in better health for my husband and (fictional) children so I can enjoy them for a long long time.

15- I am proud, of who I am, even if I don't always fit into the molds or categories people try to define me by. 

I'm Tagging:
Jen from Epbot and Cakewrecks
Julie at Princesspiggies
Lindsay at Cakewrecks

And I only follow those 3 blogs right now, well that and the one I stole itfrom, but she already did it... so I guess that's it!  I have no idea if any of them read mine either So I really don't expect a a response LOL :-)

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