Thursday, July 26, 2012

Winter Wonderland Wedding: The Dresses

Clearly, I am seriously into Weddings right now.  Planning a Wedding is SO much fun for me!  And my best Friend just got engaged!  And they are having a Winter Wonderland Wedding, in Maine in January or February of 2014, and I get to help plan it! *Huge, cheshire cat style Grin*  you see where this is going don't you?  No??  Have you been paying attention?  This is a Wedding Post, yes, another one.  What. don't you like Weddings?  You get to dress fancy and eat cake, whats not to love?

Anyway, she is petite, like 5 foot 2 or something and is super duper stressed about her Wedding Dress.  Making things a bit harder is the fact that she lives in Maine, and I live in Sunny/Rainy/Humid but rarely cold Florida.  I managed to do a bit of research and found 3 kinds of dresses that work for her body type, somewhere between a rectangle and a pear.  But there are so many options out there!  And another friend of mine with a similar body shape wore a dress that wasn't even on the list anywhere I looked for any body type and looked AMAAAAAZING! *singing*  She wore a dropped waist dress, and looked so unbelievably awesome I can't even really express the degree of awesomeness appropriately.

Getting back to my BFF, according to my research she would look good in, sheath, a-line (cause everyone does) and ball gown, as long as it's not toooo poofy, being short you can get lost in there!  I sent her these 3 photo collages for reference.  But I also encouraged her to just try everything on.  I mean why not, right?You might be surprised at what you like!

When I think Winter Wonderland, I'm thinking lush and opulent and well, wonderful.  So personally I'm a fan of the ball gown. 

She will be wearing traditional white, and the bridesmaids and maid of honor (ME) will be in ice blue. 

there are so many different options for Bridesmaids now!  Separates, solids, prints, different dresses, different colors, hombre style colors.  The list is huge!  And all of her bridesmaids are shaped very differently, this poses an issue, what can we choose that will flatter a rectangle, and overweight apple and a long hourglass... I don't know what the answer is, but I *do* know that i sent her this photo collage with a bunch of different styles to look at as a jumping off point.

I'm a huge fan of the top right and the bottom left is a close second, although, being a busty girl, strapless is usually not-so-good on me. 
What do you recommend for a short rectangular pear-ish shape (Bride), and totally different body types (Bridesmaids)? 

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