Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Small Crafts II

So If you recall I wanted to do some crafts that didn't take up too much space, and it went okay... Kind of.  The "Test Vest" came out pretty well, I learned a few things and hopefully when I make one from a new T-Shirt (instead of one of my husbands old undershirts) it will be perfect! Here is the look I was going for:

And you can see the tutorial here.  Or go to lots of great DIY on her site!

This DIY was SO easy (even for me! and I haven't been a DIY'er for long!) and I loooove the look of Draped Vests!  When I get a new shirt and make the final product I will *try* to post a finished product picture!

I also wanted to try sharpie Tye Dye.  This one was... okay.  I couldn't seem to get a traditional-ish looking Tye Dye effect, but I *did* like the look I was getting... I ran into trouble when I was waiting for it to dry.  I don't have a washer and dryer in my teensy apartment.  So I had to let it air dry, not a good idea.  The alcohol kept spreading and now it is MUCH less like Tye Dye then it was when I started...*sad face* But I will try again!  At my Grandparents, where I will have a clothes dryer on hand!  Try it yourself!  This is another easy one!  and there a about a million tutorials out there for it!

I also wanted some fun new easy nail art ideas.  it's a fun fast easy way to be creative!  And since it's DIY I can have a new look daily if I want, aaaaaand avoid costly nail salon costs.  i do miss the awesome back rubs, but I didn't go often anyway.  I have good nails so I don't do acrylic, and a regular manicure from a salon last just as long as it does if I do it myself so why spend the extra cash right?  Now I can spend it on my crafts!  *Maniacal Laugh*

There were 2 different ways to Tye Dye your nails, I tried both to varying degrees of success.  I only do one nail, for me personally I think all of them with a crazy Tye Dye effect is too much.  Here are the you tube videos I used!

this was my first one because method #2 seemed much harder, turns out they are both pretty easy!

I did mine from the corner,  It was just easier for me!  I want to try hombre nails next!  Like these!

All together now!  Ooooooh, Aaaaaaah! I also want to try paper crafts!  YAY!

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