Monday, June 25, 2012

Small Scale Crafts...

Can you think of any? 

I live in a very small apartment with my husband and 2, count them, 2 dogs.  That leaves VERY little space for anything DIY.  Sad, I know.  While there are a ton of things I would like to try my space limits what I am able to accomodate.  This should be aleviated in the next year or so when I buiy a house with an entire room, or converted garage, that I can dedicate solely to crafting to my hearts content.  Untill then I need some easy-to-clean-up-so-I-can-use-my-kitchen-table crafts to tide me over. 

I have found a few that I want to try, like the DIT no sew vest from a T-Shirt, (See h ere for diections  But I think its a bit plaiun, what are some easy ways to jazz it up?

Has anyone tried sharpie TyeDye?  I found it on Trust Pintrest but without any directions so I had to go look it up on my own and it seems easy enough, and like something I could cleanup in a pinch, any advice?

I also want to try the #6 plastic Shrink jewlery (as seen on but I havent ever made jewlrey before, unless hanging a glass charm on a silk rope counts.  It seems easy enough but those o-rings a tiny!

Any advice on smal scle fun crafts that I can manage on my kitchen table, and have cleaned up in time for dinner?

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