Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wonderful Weddings!!

So planning my first wedding wasn't quite the fun event I thought it would be.  Lots of input from in laws meant that I didn't get the wedding i wanted.  Don't get me wrong it was wonderful, but not my dream wedding.  this time, I get to do it my way... and that's a good thing!  I think.  And my best friend got engaged recently so i will get to help her as well!  AND my husband booked us to shoot our very first wedding ever!  WOOT!

Lets have a look at some fabulous weddings from around the web!

The Steam Punk Wedding!
(Photos from

Philadelphia wedding photography and videography - BG Productions
Check out the little clock tie pin! I wonder if it works?   Look at the clockwork boutineer!  So Cute!

steampunk photography
I LOVE this in oh so many ways!  the belt with the criss-crossed buckles!  The tarnished key and locket necklace with the pearls as well! the HAT!  Aieee!!!  WANT!
Are you with me here?  Yes?  then hold your breath for............ the boquet

Philadelphia wedding photography and videography - BG Productions
flowers?  We dont need no stkinking flowers!  Mewtal swirlys and clocks in varying shades of metalic are so steamy and so excellent!  Even better, it will last for ever, unlike the sad attempts are dring full boquets of real flowers, but not tacky like silk flowers can be.  there is nothing about this that i am not toallt in love with!

And the cake!  Oh, the cake...

steampunk wedding inspiration
there are no words.   The roses!  Thh gears the metallics!  And look at the little fondant pocket watch!  and then theres the little ruffly skirt on the bottom!  So awesome.

Ill keep you posted with a few days of weddings!  Yippee!  i love weddings!  (Said like the appliance direct guy.  You feel me Floridians?)

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