Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wonderful Weddings II

Im on a tear folks!  The wedding bliss continues for at least 2 more posts... Hopefully by then Iwill have it all out of my system!  Today we are talking about the Halloween Wedding!  There are oh so many ways that you can have a halloween wedding!  Some are stunning!  Others are more "fall" than Halloween and then some are downright TACKY!  Lets have a look...

Bridal gowns can be spooktacular!  Like this little number in black and white,
(Found at

Or they can be down right scary! (Not in a good way folks)
Dont get me wrong the dress itself is stunning!  It's the black and orange morif that puts it over the top for me.  (There were worse ones out there but i couldnt tell if they were from real weddings or costume parties...)  I love orange and adore black, just not appropriate for your wedding gown.  At least not togheter.  There are dressed with orange or black accenting that are stunning!  I have even seen dress that are entirely orange or black that I love and would say are acceptable wedding attire.  In fact my own wedding dress, will be almost entirely black (I am having ahalloween wedding).  But ladies there are MUCH better ways to include traditional Halloween colors in your wedding. 

Like in the decor:
Which one do you like better?

I even like this one!

You could include the colors in the bridesmads and Groomsman Attire EASILY!

See the Bride has the orange accent and its cute!

Black is super classy and almost all dresses come in black so its agreat way to go if you ar ehaving your maids wear different styles of dress.

You can combine the colors with sashes or have different colored dresses on each person, there are  so many ways to make this a hit!  And if course black and orange arent the only colors you can use to envoke a Halloween Theme.  Black and Red, or purple, or green, or purple and green!  All in all there are a multitude of ways you can incorporate a Halloween theme and still have a classy and elegant wedding!


  1. Halloween theme and still have a classy

  2. Classy party it seems. Loved the themed ideas and black dresses for maids are just gorgeous. Well I need help on booking New York wedding venues for my big day. Can you guys help me in finding an affordable venue?