Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let the Wild rumpus Begin!

This is my first attempt at blogging.  I read a few blogs regularly, and find myself really enjoying them and being rather inspired by the authors.  My Two favorites are written by a blogger right her in Orlando!  Jen writes 2 amazing blogs!  I think we are secretly soul-mates and are destined to be the very best of  friends one day, but we'll a see!  Although I am not sure the world could handle a duo of sarcastic geeky squealing girls together, at the SAME TIME.  i bet we could take over the world!

(Jen, if you happen upon this call me!)

Anyway Jen is the author of a hysterical site about the good the bad and the Ugly of the cake decorating world.  Full tilt with snarky commentary, and jokes that have literally make me cry and stopped me from breathing because I am laughing so hard.

Cake Wrecks

She is also the author of where she covers, well, everything that is awesome, and geeky, and makes the world a better place.  There are DIY, and Steamy Saturday, a steam punk tailored post.  Sweet, interesting and funny stores about herself, her life and her husband Jon.  

I don't have a single solid direction to take this and plan on letting the journey direct me where it may.  

Very philosophical, I know.  I'm kinda awesome like that.  

I am in the process of having my first book edited, and while I wait I figure this is a great way to keep my writing skills sharp, right?

Who knows.  

Some of the topics I plan to cover are Crafting, and other DIY projects.  Creative writing and writing prompts.  Inspiration for art, work success and life in general.  

One thing i do NOT want this to be is a whining and complaining session.  Fun stuff only!  With that being said my blogs *should* get more interesting form here!  I'm still figuring this stuff out man!

I also think that everyone needs to go to  I just found this site and  i am truly in love.  As mush as one can love a website that is dedicated to T-Shirts.  Nerdy amazing T-Shirts that combine any variety of Sci-Fiantisy (Yes, I made that word up.) Some of my Favorites combine Dr Who and Star Wars.  Or Star wars and Adventure Time.  OR Star Wars and Star Trek. 
(Not in an "I cant believe you got them confused" way.  In an "OMG That's Epic!" kind of way)

(FYI, they are different)

Like This

Han Sulu         Doctor Chew 

This is a personal favorite
It’s Not Easy Being Geek

I also ordered 3 shirts for my husband, okay fine, quasi-husband, as we aren't actually married yet, and I cannot wait for them to come in!  I will try to take and post pictures of them when they get here!  He doesn't know about them yet!  EEEK!  

Sorry, the excitement overcame me just then.

Oh yeah, i just want everyone to know that anything I say on here is just my opinion and I don't get anything from telling people how awesome Jens blogs are or shirtoid.  I just want to share!

Stay nerdy and inspired my friends!

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