Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goals for 2013 and beyond

Writing has been elusive lately, either I don't have the time, or I don't have the ideas.  A change of job means more hours and less pay, so I don't haven have time to try out any new crafts or recipes.    I did however have to make a goal sheet for 2013 as part of my job, funny thing is, none of my goals have anything to do with  my current job or company!  The exercise asks for personal, professional, and health goals for 1 year, 5 years and 10 years, it also asks you for specific tangible dates by which to have them completed, as well as one word to describe your goals for year 1.  Let me share mine with you.

1 Year

Personal:      Legally Marry J.  10/31 2013
                   Save $2000 toward my down payment on a house  12/31/2013
Professional: Finish editing my book 12/31/2013
                    Have 1 article published 12/31/2013
Health:          Be able to run 1 mile, without feeling like I'm going to die 6/1/2013 
                   (I'm REALLY out of shape)  
                    Eat more vegetables 2 a day by 3/1/2013
One Word:  Change

5 Year

Personal:       Be a mother of 1 12/31/2018
                    Be a home owner
Professional:  Get paid regularly to write  1/1/2018
                    Have my book Published  12/31/2018
Health:          Be able to run 5 miles  6/1/2018
                    Be back at my "goal weight" 1/1/2018

10 Year

Personal:         Be a  mother of 2
                      Learn to let things go
Professional:   Write as my only "job"
                     Complete second book
Health:           Maintain my "goal weight"
                     Have a stock pile of delicious healthy FAST recipes

Lets see if I can accomplish my goals for this year!  I am not off to a great start because I have been sick, but I am feeling better now so here we go!

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