Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm getting an office!

WOO!  I am super -dee-duper excited about this development, and you should be too!  I am nixing my dining room/area as we don't use it anyway and creating an office space for myself!  This is one of the best things I can do for myself as a writer, crafter and person.  Having a dedicated space to work in will help me to do more.  I can write more and craft and do all the things that i love free of distractions!  All of this is SO good for my mental health!
Love this command center! Home mail organization is always something I need to fine tune.
I love this look, but that's not enough work space for me!

There is a long way to go, but I couldn't hide my excitement!  I need to clean out the current dining room, which is a chose as its simply a catchall for everything and anything we need a place for.  and it will mean packing up a bunch of things that I don't really use or have space for right now, but it will be worth it!

like the curtain- is it to hide the office away? Ohhh- the desktop is a $19 door from Lowes.  Is it attached to the wall on the left side?
I love the use of vertical space here!
I started today!  i packed up a bunch of books, keeping out only books I will use.  A few treasured series, come photography books, and a few spiritual books, along with "Everything you need to know about getting published."  There are lots of nick-knacks to pack up and other choices to make, but this process is long overdue.
I have a decent amount of space to use, but I will need to keep some pace for other household Items, like the hutch for my dishes.  I am keeping the bookshelf, but re-purposing it to hold things other than books. I know, I'm a visionary.
This is more like it!  A corner desk with a floating front!
Beyond that I need help!  I have no idea what to use or how to organize!  I will be using the space for writing and crafting.  So I will need flat working space, and space for my laptop, plus a larger keyboard and printer.  My desk will face out into my living room with a wall to the left for any vertical space I want to sue.  I want to be organized and surrounded by things that I love and inspire me.  What are your must haves for a creative and inspiring space?

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