Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something Vaguely Witty Here

Guys I am sad. 
I read a ton of awesome blogs, like cakewrecks.com and epbot.com and thebloggess.com and OhNoa.com.  And these are hysterical, smart funny women who get to make a living writing and doing what they love.  Which is totally and unbelievably awesome, good for them! 
Then the evil jealous crazy girl who forever roams the halls of the high school of my brain rears up and is all, “WTF?!?  I want that!  And she gets whiny and bitchy and starts saying things like “I’m clever!  I’m funny!  Why can’t I be an awesome satirical blogger with a gagillion followers?”
I usually respond to that with, “Because you’re a bitch.”  But that never seems to go over well and she gets all mopey and calls me mean and cuts herself. 
Instead I said “Your book is almost done being edited!  Then you just have to make a million and twenty-three corrections/additions/omissions, and you can spend years sending it to publishers!”  This doesn’t really work either.  Apparently I'm not being "positive" or "encouraging" WTF me!?
Anyway my point is that my book is nearly done being edited!  WOOT!  Now I just have to find/make time to make all the awesome revisions that my editor suggests.  But for a lifelong dream, it’s worth it, right? 
I do need help naming said novel.  It’s a YA sci-fi fantasy about witches in current day Salem.  Anything?
I might be distracted by cute animal and/or shiny things so bear with me.... Is that a kitty!?

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