Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What do you do when you hate both Presidential Candidates?

You guys, I don’t know what to do!  I hate all the presidential candidates.  Granted this is partly because they are both actually terrible and partly because my indecisive ass believes in PART of both parties platforms.  I also have given up hope for any politician ever actually doing, or even TRYING to do what they say they will do once they get there.
For example: Last Election Obama talked about repairing the economy.  Which, I agree, we totally need.  I voted for him!  He was worried about the economy and had all those left wing pro-rights things!  Perfect!  Then he came into office and was like “Economy?  Fuck the economy. What we need is a free healthcare system, that isn’t REALLY free (since people with jobs who pay taxes will have to pay for it by taxing the insurance that they have to buy, because the only way to get free healthcare is to be unemployed or not offered insurance by your employer)  to help fuck they economy some more!  Yeah! Let’s do that!”
Don’t get me wrong, we do need some kind of health care reform, but you know what would help with that?  A stable economy, then people could have jobs and afford insurance and/or health care and there would be less need to give it away for free to everyone.  Do health care costs need to come down?  Hell fucking yes, but I don’t think that a government controlled health care system is the way to go.  With the exception of Sweden and Canada, every other country, that I am aware of at least) has had economic failure.  That’s just what we need!  A health care system to tax an already severely over burdened economy!
Not to mention the issue I have with the government having any say in my health care choices.  That should be a decision made by my doctor and I and everyone else should have ZERO say in what/how/if I treat anything I may be diagnosed with.  This includes physical and mental health choices.
Then there’s the whole economy issue.  Mitt Romeny is focusing his whole campaign on the economy, (just like Obama Last year) but he hates any health care reform and abortion in ALL instances and wants to force us all back into the fucking 1950’s with regard to morals etc.  He is pro-life, as long as by life you mean your fetus’s potential for life and not your own, and Anti Gay Marriage.  There things are VERY important HUMAN RIGHTS.  Where does he get off!?!  And the whole no more Planned Parenthood thing pisses me off too.  That was just my regular doctor for a loooong time when I did not have access to insurance.  And they don’t just give abortions; they do family planning and help people get tested and treated for STDs and give women regular women’s heath checkups.  Yes let’s definitely take that way from people. 
So he wants to fix the economy but fuck all else.  And I really don’t have much faith in that either.  For a few reasons; I am from New England and I know just how badly he FUCKED UP The Massachusetts economy.  Also, see above, a candidate has yet to get into office and do what they say.  In fact in recent years they have rarely even tried to do what they said they would do. 
I would say that I will vote for the green party this year, but at this point that’s almost like not voting, and since republicans will NEVER vote for the green party, and will always vote republican if they don’t have a better option, (According to any republicans I know anyway) it’s like helping them win.  The same thing applies with a write in vote.  So what is a girl to do, when neither candidate is what best for the nation?

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