Friday, October 19, 2012

Creative Writing Promts II

I found this via google.  It's 5 seemingly unrelated prompts that should give me a unique description of a person I love and/or admire.

Begin by thinking of someone for whom you have strong feelings, and then complete each of the five steps.

You'll notice that each brief instruction is on a separate page. This was done to prevent you from looking ahead. The exercise works best, and is easiest to do, if you really take one step at a time. Don't worry if the steps -- and your responses -- don't seem immediately related to each other. Seemingly illogical associations often result in more interesting and truer work.


They were small and weathered.  Chipped yellowing nails attested to a life of hard work and nicotine addiction.  Her hands were not soft, even at this advance age, and being as vain as any other elderly french woman.  Her hands were rough and callused and a testament to her nature.  Resilient and strong, but tiny and fragile too.  There were liver spots here and there, and deep set wrinkles in her dry skin.  Her hands were so thin you could see her veins protruding, and if you looked hard enough you might just be able to see the pulse as her heart pushed blood through her veins. 

Her hands sat in her lap, a cigarette hung loosely between the fingers of her right hand.  Occasionally it would lift the vice to her lips, or adjust the volume or station on the radio. 

The humidity was thick like fog, and the sun hung low in the sky.  A ball of molten lava turning the sky orange and pink, with simmering lines of evaporated moisture radiating skyward.

"How can you sit out here in all this heat?" I ask wiping the sweat from my brow.  "I'm surprised you can breathe with the smoke and the air feeling so thick."

She looks up from her daydream, seemingly just noticing me.  "I'm not hot, it's nice out here," she responds before looking off into the sunset once more.

The end tells you to take your responses and use the to create a poem or use them as a juming off point for a freewriting session.  But I like mine the way it is.

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