Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things to do when the power is out at work...

So, the other day my office was subject to a power outage, and even 2.5 (ish) hours later when the power came back on, the Internet and our network were down.  This meant very little work was getting done.  Okay fine, NO work was getting done, except for the people with fully charged laptops and/or battery backups.

I decided to make good use of that time and surveyed the office for things to do at the office when the power is out, here are the results!  (WARNING: Some are boring, some are hysterical)

1- File
2- Journal
3- Chat w/ Co Workers ( You know, cause this never happens when we have power)
4- Play flashlight Tag
5- Read a book (Assuming you have an office with a window)
6- Draw/Color
7- Do yoga!
8- Covertly check if the toilets work (Ours do!)
9- Truth or Dare
10- See if anyone is brave enough to eat the "thing" in the fridge that no one claims
11- Pictionary!
12- Charades
13- Practice braiding hair
14- Paint your nails (or a friends)
15- Coat room sex w/ the hot intern (We don't have any interns, let alone a hot one, so.... yeah)
16- Have a camp style sing along
17- Play Hide and seek
18- Play Duck, Duck, Goose!
19-Have a Fashion show
20- Waste Paper Basket B-Ball Tournament (Or in my office a regular one, because we totally have a basket ball hoop int he warehouse)
21- Have a Photo Shoot!
22- Learn Origami
23- Reorganize other peoples offices
24- Have a scavenger hunt
25- Play Red Rover
26- Play Simon Says
27- Play Red Light Green Light
28- Play Dominoes/Cards (Assuming someone had them)
29- Play Eyes Spy
30- Play Black Magic (No one but me seems to know this game....)

Clearly my office is run by 10 year olds and we should have a full on playground outside!  This is why I love them!

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