Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dealing with Writers Block

You guys, I got it bad.  Like, bad bad.  I do not know what to write about.  Nothing seems to be striking me lately. 

I mean, interesting and funny things happen to me, but is any of int funny enough to share with the world?  Not really.  And I feel ways about things, but not all of it is worthy of space on my blog.  And then there's all the junk that "responsible adults" won't write about cause, you know, what if your boss reads it?  And then there's all the fun sexy stuff that I don't/can't write about 'cause:

a) My husband is a private person and I would never do that to him
b) My Dad reads this shit y'all
c) It's none of your business and why do you care (Stalker)

What do you do to combat writers block?  I have a few go to's but they aren't hacking it, so I just decided that writers block should get it's own damn post.

Here are some of my go to's:

Free write

I know, gag me, I remember HATING free write in high school.  I never knew what to write about so I would always, always, start with just that.  And eventually I would get a good idea and run with it.  That's often how I get my best stories.  My Novel (currently at the editor aieee!) started out as a free write. 

Writing Prompts

Just Google writing prompts.  Ah, Google, what would I do without you.  There are like a million and 12, read through some and pick one.  It gives you something to focus on.  There are writing prompts for all age groups and writing ability.  You can even look up specific kinds of prompts if there's a particular thing you want to work on.  Like Description, or dialogue.  Even if you don't decide to use one of the prompts it gets the brain juice flowing and can give you an idea of your own!

Story Starters

Google is my best-freaking-friend.  Type in story starters and you get a veritable schmorgass board of answers! A story starter should be one or two sentences to get your story started, and then it's all you from there on out.

Those are my go to's for getting my creative on when my brain refuses to produce.  What do you do?

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