Friday, October 26, 2012

J Talks Football

My husband talks about things in his sleep that he would never talk about while awake.  Like football.  Not only is he not a "sports guy" the only sport he really follows is baseball, and he's so superstitious that he wont watch a game because when he does, his team inevitably loses. 

I know, I'm so lucky.

The other night he fell asleep pretty early, I wasn't tired, and I was off from work the next day so I was up reading in bed when the following occurred.

J: *Sits up in bed*, "They changed it."

Me: "What?"

J: "They changed it."

Me: "Changed What?"

J: "The head coach." *Lays back down*

Me: "The head coach of what?"

J: "The football team."

Me: "Which one?" *Thinking of professional (American) football*

J: "Both of them."

Me: "Oh" *realizing he must be talking about school* "Do you think they will do better now?"

J: *disgusted scoff* "No."  *Snore*

Later that night J got up and headed for the bathroom, he stopped to pet one of our beloved pooches and I figure he was awake enough for real conversation.

Me: "Hey, were you dreaming about high school?"

J: "Yeah, why?  What did i say?"

Me: they changed the head coach."

J: "What?"

Me: "Yeah, apparently they changed the head coach of the football teams.  You were unimpressed."

Then I related the entire conversation to him.

J: *chuckle chuckle, snore*

The next morning.

Me: "Anymore high school dreams?

J: "What are you talking about?"

Me: "You don't remember?"

J: "Um, no."

So I retold both stories to him.

J: "Hm. Love you! Have a good day."

Then he went to work.   Not only did he not remember the sleep added madness of the first conversation, but the second one, when he was supposedly awake was even wiped from his brain.  And the next morning he could not have cared less. 

This is my life.  And I love it!

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