Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ifyou have ever read my blog before you should know I ADORE Halloween!  It's my favorite and I will have my wedding on Halloween so that I can have an Awesome Halloween/steampunk/victorian Masquerade Ball, with a Star wars twist.  I know right!

Anywho, I am looking for fun easy work appropriate crafts to do for my desk.  I have this big empty space on one corner and I don't know what to put there.  It's not really useful for work space as I can't really reach it from where I sit.  My Birthday is in the Summer, so there are usually flowers there and after thanksgiving I have my Christmas Tree.  (Which is Awesome and I will post a tutorial on it later this year!)  But, From September through Mid November and January through June it's a big glaring empty space.  And it drive me crazy.

Here are some Ideas I have had and their pros and cons:
Jack O'Lantern:

Pro: Takes up enough space!  Fall colors!
Con: rots quickly, more Halloween than Fall, might look silly after Halloween.

Glitter Pumpkins!
Good right through thanksgiving!
Paint will seal it!


Leaves of some kind
Good all season

Would have to be fake because I live in Florida and we dont get foliage...

Im thinking glitter punpkins?  You?

Whatever I decide I will make it this weekend! And pictures will come soon!

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