Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I may, or may not be a Music Snob. Probably No...

As you already know (or not, whatever) I am a classically trained Vocalist.  This changes how I view music, without a doubt I listen for different things than the average music listener.  However, this hasn’t made me a music snob.  At least I don’t think so. 
Of course I have my favorite bands/artists/genres but I also can’t say definitively that I don’t like a particular type of music or even and artist.  I am very open minded when it comes to music, because music is personal, it’s about how it makes you feel.  A song can change my mood instantly, or enhance my existing mood.  If I want to be more energetic, I listen to fast paced pop, this gets a lot of listening time in the morning and during workouts. 
*This is NOT how I look when I workout*

I think that being a musician makes me less inclined to play favorites.  I can appreciate the music for what it is, every genre has unique aspects that make it what it is and that is beautiful. 

Here is a list of genres that can be found on my iPod or in my Pandora Playlist.
Pop                             Country                       R&B                       Blues                     Rock                           Metal                         Punk Rap                Bluegrass             Broadway                  Classical                     Instrumental          Opera                                             Golden Oldies           Alternative                Classic Alternative                                                      Classic Rock              Soul                           Neo soul                  Gospel                                       Latin                          Irish                           Parody                    Requiems                                            Indy                           Rock-a-Billy

I could go on, but, for your sake, I won’t.  I enjoy all of these styles of music.  And listen to them regularly.  Even artists I swore I would never listen to (IE: Brittany Spears) I have found that I like at least one of their songs.  I have even found that I really like a song, before I know the artist who sings it, and then to my chagrin, it is someone I am shocked that I like!  This was how I discovered Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.  I know.  It’s my dirty little secret, except not I guess, because I just told the entire world.  Well, the 5 people who will read this anyway. 
I find that different music inspires me to do different things, like clean, workout, write etc.  Currently I am listening to a combination of Victor Wooten, who inspires my creative side, and the “workout Pop” Pandora station to keep my blood pumping and power through this day!
Speaking of Pandora, have you ever noticed that sometimes the connections it makes to your music is not even CLOSE to what you’re station is supposed to be?  Like I will be listening to a Broadway station, and Katy Perry will come on… Uhhh… Not even close guys, not even close…
But I digress.  What music do you listen to?  Do you have any specific genres that you never ever listen to?  Or are there more crazy people like me who like a little diversity?  Let me know!

PS!  Not one person has EVER commented on my blog!  Be the first!

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