Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I. LOVE. Dr Seuss!  Theodore Geisel was an amazing person, author artist and activist!  I have always loved Seuss.  Always.  Like, for as long as I can possibly remember.  The cat in the hat was the first book I learned to read.  And thus began a life-long love afair with the written word.

I have even owrked inSeuss Landing at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure.  It was kinda super awesome and fun, if only theme park jobs paid better... *sigh*

Anyway, when Julio and I finally have choldren, either biologically or adopted, who knows, our child will have a Dr Seuss themed nursery.  *squee* How filipping COOL is that!  Im not going for book specific here.  So Its not goiung to be all red white and blue for the The Cat in the Hat or anything, but bright colors and crazy characters and no straight lines!  (Did you know that there are no perfectly straigt lines visible in any structure in Seuss Landing?  True Story.)


 Look at those Curves!  Va-va Voom!

I want to have a spectacular mural wall too!  I *think* I can still draw Seuss Characters so I should be abel to DIY it too!

Not sure I can compete with this one though!

I have found a ton of inspirational photos online to work from too!  Do any of you have Seuss Themed rooms in your home?

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