Thursday, August 2, 2012

Winter Wonderland Wedding Part Deux

As we all know I am the maid of honor/assistant wedding planner for my best friend’s wedding.  She is having a winter wonderland wedding.  And let me tell you there are SO many ways to go with that theme!  I have been looking at and researching centerpieces and the options are endless!
Here are some that I liked!
The ornament bowl:
It’s easy and cost effective, if you visit the dollar store!  Large bowls, or glasses, and glass ornaments in your colors!  Done!  You can add glitter and snow and any numbers of embellishments to enhance or refine your look!  And the crafty bride (like us!) can put them together herself! Not to mention you can mix and match different sizes and kinds of displays but they all come together with the central theme!
The snowflake Centerpiece:
There are SO many ways to make your centerpieces about snowflakes!  Here are some photos of ways I enjoy!
Snowflake Lanterns!
I wonder how they did that last one... But I LOVE all of them!  You could even make your own snowflake lanterns easily with a glass lantern, some Craft paint and a stencil!
The Babys Breath:
I love how it looks like snow!  Aiee!  These are my favorites!
While I'm sure these can be ordered from a florist, they are super easy to make on your own, just buy TONS of babys breath and suff as many as you can fit into your vase, Viola!

The Birch Centerpiece:

I’m not sure why, but birch trees are somehow always associated with Winter… I think it’s just because they’re white.  But they do make great centerpieces!

The Hanging centerpiece:
So I cant find and wintery ones, but imagine giant paper snowflakes and puffs and babys breath and crystals… Divine!
There are so many more, but these are a few of my favorites!  I especially love the hanging ones and the babys breath.  I hope we can do them!

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