Friday, August 17, 2012

Curiouser and Curiouser

So, clearly, based on my oh-so-clever title, today's post is headed back to that astounding place called Wonderland!

I wrote a previous post about the excellent costumes in Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland.  Check it out by clicking the link!

I was going to rave about the super awesome graphics, and save this for next time, but I just can't help myself!  The Hubs and I are planning an Alice in Wonderland Photo shoot!  *insane flailing squealing and happy dancing*

We haven't exactly figured out just how we're going to do this, or even have the right amount of people to do it.  But it's been added to our bucket list!  We have a few people slated to help us, but first we need a second camera, one for me and one for Julio.  We will both be shooting so neither of us will be in the photos.  I am wondering if my Friend will lend us her baby to be the mouse... Hmmm...

We need to start collecting props and making, yes making the costumes.  I'm not sure if I want to go traditional or steamy*, or true to period.  What do you think?
* Steampunk donchaknow!

I think I want to make a giant long no sew tutu for my Alice.  Kind of like this one:

Photo from:

But blue, and white and creme (Hello, its still Alice in wonderland, DUH) with a white tank top and a giant blue bow... Did I mention that my Alice is a brunette?  Is that weird?

I will have to hit up some thrift stores for some awesome mismatched teacups and saucers and candle sticks and the like. 

I only want a few main characters in the shoot.  Obviously I want Alice and The Mad Hatter and The Rabbit and the Cheshire cat, possibly the rabbit and the mouse if I can get folks to be them.  I might do a separate shoot for the Queen of hearts and the card soldiers.  Is that too much?  Or should they just be included in the Alice one? 

Ugh so much to do!  And I have No flipping Idea where or when exactly I will get to do it either... Any advice?

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