Sunday, August 12, 2012

Small Scale Crafts III

I finally made my jewelry making debut!  And it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Granted I DID start pretty small!  I made a necklace.  Not one of those but a chain/rope etc with the jump rings and clasps already attached, so all I have to do is slide on a charm.  Nope.  Raw chain with clasps and jump rings in separate baggies.  And I made a three tiered necklace out of it!  You heard  (read?) right.  I.  Made.  A.  Three.  Tiered.  Necklace.  *Mandee squealing and flailing with joy*

And here is it's Internet debut!
Clearly my jewelry photography leaves something to be desired...

I have also made my final cut of the no sew vest I featured in Small Scale Crafts II.  i used a larger T-Shirt than my test Vest because I wanted it to be extra long.  Whadda ya think?

(This is where I was going to insert a photo of the awesome vest, but taking pictures of myself is not my forte apparently....)

I made this bracelet and headband from scraps left over from the Vest too!

Ugh, pale dry skin... attractive right?

I have also started mini paper crafts.  As seen on, made by gustavo santome.  Free downloads!  and doesn't take up much space to complete or to display!  Here is my progress so far!

I am making two of this one.  He comes with a Darth Vader Helmet, so I will make one with and one without the helmet.  I am also using inspiration from this post at to make a death star display case. *Huge Goofy Grin*  I am uber excited about this!  It's going to hang on the wall near my husbands computer. 

There's an R2-D2 as well, but I want to have Han and Leia and C3PO to go with him, plus I cant figure out how to make a Millennium Falcon yet... Any suggestions?

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