Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jewelry Making is Awesome

So, ever since I made that three tiered necklace from my last post, I have been loving me some jewelry making! I have made 5 necklaces and a bracelet!  go me!

Here is the 1st necklace I made:

Not too shabby right?  Was so proud of this thing!  I wore it to work and had a secret little thrill each time someone complimented it.  Is that sneaky?  I think it is, but it's true!

Next I made this:

I have been in love with this charm for ages, and have eyed it in the craft aisle at my local Walmart every time I went down it.  but alas, I wasn't a jewelry maker!  What was I to do!  I am totally into the mixed metals right now, and love the twisted chain look I got on  this one! 

I mean look at this charm!  *squeals of delight*

And then there was no stopping me!  I made this next necklace to go with a new outfit I bought this weekend:

Here are some close-ups of the bottom of the chain.  I love the double chains, This one can be worn 2 ways as well!  This is my favorite way though.  The second way makes it more like 2 necklaces.  the beads are shorter and the gold chain would be long.


This one is another mixed metals tribute.  I can't help it!  i love it!

It's hard to tell but he bottom part is actually loosely braided to keep it looking "Tangled".  See, can you tell it's braided?

I can't seem to get a good photo of this one, its one of those dangley chain pendants, I think part of the issue with the photos is that the main chain is white and its on a white background.

Here are some closeups of the pendant.

I made a matching bracelet too, see!

I wanted to make something a little more substantial and chunky to wear with this cute dress I have, and this is what I came up with:

I turned this one to the side because i like the dangley back part and wanted it to show.  What do you think?  do you have any jewelry making advice or expertise or easy patterns to share?  Let me know!

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